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Tip of the week: cómo aprender y usar bien el término “among” en inglés

Aprender inglés, eso que todos tenemos pendiente y que parece no tener fin. Por eso, Inc. ofrece este servicio a la comunidad.

20.11.2020 11:31

Lectura: 3'

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¿Qué es el Tip of the Week?

Aprender inglés, eso que todos tenemos siempre pendiente, y que parece no tener fin, ¿no? ¡Lo sabemos, y por eso ofrecemos este servicio a la comunidad!

El #TIPOFTHEWEEK es una iniciativa de Inc., empresa dedicada a la enseñanza de inglés a adultos. El objetivo es elegir semanalmente una palabra o concepto y ofrecer una explicación accesible y divertida para aquellos que quieran mejorar su inglés. ¿Tenés sugerencias? ¡Nos encantan! ¿Tenés algo que nunca lograron explicarte bien? ¡Contanos y hacemos el intento!

El Tip de hoy

Today we're looking at the word Among. Yes.. we know, you've seen it - it seems to be Among Us quite a bit lately, but can you use correctly? Is it the same as between? All your questions and more answered in our Tip of The Week.

Yes.. Mercedes talks quickly... so if you need a little help following the video, or you simply want to look at the vocabulary more in detail, here's the tapescript:

Hello Hello!

Time for another #tipoftheweek, this time for a word that you've seen around, a lot lately - but you might have some doubts about when to use it. As always, Inc. at your service.

Among. Simple to pronounce, no mysteries there... but what exactly does it mean, and what is the difference with between? Aha, that's where it gets tricky. Stay tuned!

Among means, basically, Surrounded by or in the company of, and in this case, the meaning is the same as between, what's different guys, is the USE. Look at these two examples.

We use between when we refer to TWO things that are clearly separated and identified, like these two, we use among to talk about things that are not so clearly separated because they're part of a crowd, in this case the crew.

Hang on...hang on...let's see some examples: In this case, inside the group of developers, these are the languages that are hated. In this case, there is a group of countries with high death rate, and Sweden is among/inside that group.

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